Moose Breeding Season

by Don

Moose in Meadow

Moose in Meadow

I have a mature cow moose with this years calf in my meadow, it is fall and a big bull moose has shown up waiting every day to breed her, he just stays around and sometimes chases her. Will she breed this year with a nursing calf?
Thank you,

Don, thank you for your question!

From what you describe, i would assume the rut has started in your area but the cow has not gone into estrus yet.
Rest assured that the bull can tell that the cow will come into heat soon (he knows it) and will just keep checking her until she is receptive.

I would think the only problem this bull may have is if a larger bull comes along and chases him off.

The bull in question, or any breeding bull will tolerate a yearling calf during the rut, but not so a 1 1/2 year old. Mom would chase that one away!

~ Mark

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