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Happy Moose Calf (Photo by Lovell Fink)

Happy Moose Calf (Photo by Lovell Fink)

I touched a baby moose!

I recently had an awesome experience; a calf moose had got stuck on a logjam and I climbed out onto the jam and helped the poor little guy get off. His legs were too wobbly and unsure to make its way over the logjam on his own.

I'm sure he's a happy calf moose now!

My question is this; now that I touched the calf moose, will the mother reject it?

Thanks for sharing this with us. I know sometimes mother nature can be cruel and we as humans will step in (for the better in this case) and help out.

You actually took quite a chance to help out. A cow moose will defend it's calf if it feels that it is threatened. Sounds like mom wasn't around or didn't perceive you as a threat.

I don't think your calf moose will be rejected. Moose at various stages in age are handled by wildlife officers and biologists for studying and there is never a concern for rejection.

The bigger question may be will the calf be reunited with its mother?

That depends on how long the calf was separated from its mother. Chances are if the calf was healthy, mother was not too far away and would have vigorously defended her calf if predators had made a move towards it.

"The Moose Man"

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