Moose Calling Championship

by Mark - The Mooseman
(Mission BC, Canada)

The Moose Calling Championship (2012) in Maine was a won by Kevin Deschaine, of Madawaska possibly with the help of his daughter.

Kevin was among six final competitors for this year, all whom got up on stage to show the attending audience (about 200) his moose calling expertise.

The contest entails callers to demonstrate their skills to the judges who vote on the moose caller who shows and demonstrates the best or most innovative moose calling techniques.

Competition was stiff. All the finalist got on stage and gave demonstrations of their moose calling abilities, all the while explaining why, how and where to use various calls.

Kevin on the other hand choose to use a different method for his part in the moose calling championship.

Moose Calling
Mark The Mooseman
Calling Moose

Kevin mounted the stage and explained the scenario, he described a moose hunt, the temperature and suggested you imagine yourself at your favorite moose hunting area.

Kevin carrying moose antlers, was shuffling back and forth on stage, bull and cow moose calling trying call in the elusive moose.

Ultimately to catch the attention of the audience and the judges.

He even went so far as to start smashing a potted plant with his antlers as though he were imitating a thrashing bull moose.

It was like Kevin was in a trance. Although he was on a stage he wasn't in his own mind... he was out on a moose hunt.

The audience sat through the performance but really wasn't showing much emotion towards Kevin and his moose calling.

I could imagine some saying "We've seen this stuff before!"

Then the unforeseen happened! Kevin's 5 year old daughter, wearing her hunter blaze orange hunting gear got up on stage with her POP Gun and SHOT the moose.

The audience apparently erupted in applause with shouting and whistling.

Kevin won the Moose Calling Championship for 2012 (his third straight win) in Maine and was awarded $1000.00

The Moose Calling Championship is held each year in a new location in conjunction with the State of Maine's moose lottery which in this years case was held about two hours after the moose calling championship.

I have listened to the recording of Kevin's moose calls and I must say he sounds very good. If you want to hear Kevin, he was interviewed on As it Happens CBC radio... Listen to Kevin Deschaine call moose and decide for yourself if he indeed is the World Champion Moose Caller!

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