Moose Dew Claw Bone

by Bear
(Near Edmonton)

Moose Dew Claw Bone

Moose Dew Claw Bone

Thought you might be interested in this as an article for your readers. I have 2 of these out of my moose up north and they work great.

Located right below the dew claw and extending up the hock of the moose in the tendon.....a little hard to remove, but worth it.

Guys up in the Yukon regularly take these bones out of the front dew claws in the scrape all the sinew off and let it dry and after sharpen the edge with sandpaper to create a unique letter opener.
Also they drill a small hole in the knuckle and insert the persons birthstone for gifts...

Real neat idea...I now have 8 such bones out of the two moose we harvested this year and am taking my little belt sander down south to work on them....

We have since learned: Metacarpal or metatarsal bone. Ungulates have one prominent and 2 small ones on either side that are fused. The dewclaws attach to them. You can also find these on equids and this is what the vestigial dewclaws attach to on rare occasions.

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