Moose Dictionary for Hunters

by Carl Kozak
(Hayward WI USA)

Many writers use terms and words only they know the meaning of.
For the "non moose expert" it would be nice to have a moose lingo dictionary or glossary.

Like what is: open timber, high county, dark timber, old growth, sprayed cuts, moose grass, summer feed, spring feeding area, winter grounds, moose scent etc.


What a great idea! It's actually funny that you mention it too. There have been times when I have written about these various items you mention, then I go on to try and explain... at least in my mind I do anyway. lol

I sometimes forget that others don't always know the meaning of the terms. I will definitely write a moose glossary for hunters. I have one more page on my schedule to write, then I'll do that one.

Probably later this week or early next. You will be able to get to the Hunting Definition Page here...

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by: carl

I forgot to ask what is a wallow vs a scent pit. Which one relates to moose?

Moose hunter dictionary
by: Dave Kelso

Happy to put my two cents into this. I know we use different terms here in the East and Quebec.

Wallow and Scent pit= same thing.

Moose Dictionary
by: Mark - The Mooseman

I concur with Dave.

Although I would add; my understanding of the difference between a wallow and a scent pit would be...

A wallow would be made by the animal in question. Elk and moose both create wallows to leave their scent in to attract the female of the species.

A scent pit is most likely man-made, trying to imitate a wallow.

The making of a scent pit is relatively easy. Find an area where moose are traveling and frequenting often. IE: Along a well worn moose trail. Then in the soft soil stir in some scent. Be careful to avoid touching the area with your hands... it is very important to prevent human odors from mixing in.

Scent can be purchased from Muskie Moose or you can gather moose urine yourself from previous years moose harvests.

This technique is well know among deer hunters but moose and elk hunter can use it to their advantage too.

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