Moose Farms?

by Mr. Kelly V.

A Double Drop Tine Bull Moose

A Double Drop Tine Bull Moose

I was venturing last night. looking at exotic meats, and moose came to mind. I discovered your site. I will buy the book (hardcover, to collect in my cooking library). My question to you, sir, is there anyone who has a moose farm? Down here in Utah, there are people who have elk farms, they raise the Elk..I suppose they are selling them, I never contacted them, because most people (unlike you) don’t do their research and just assume, breed and sell.

I was thinking of doing moose burgers in the future (restaurant) but I haven’t found anything online that shows a bulk sell of meat for this. Have you encounter anyone who sells bulk meat for hamburger/chuck? I am curious.

I was thinking all night...”I’ve got to go to Canada and hunt a moose, bring it to Utah, grind it up and hopefully have enough meat for a certain amount of time...” lol.

Any updates?

I loved the site. Much info from you and tips from others. Keep it going.

Hi Kelly,

In North America moose are not raised on farms for commercial use. As fare as I am aware, there are a few locations (Maine and Alaska) where they are raised for study but that’s it.
In Canada, it is actually illegal to sell wild game meat.

Similar to your area(USA) though we in Canada have farms where elk are farm raised for domestic and foreign markets.

As far as I know, the only place world wide where moose meat is available commercially is in Sweden... they have a lot of moose!

Yup, a moose hunt in Canada or USA (Alaska) would be your best option to get hold of moose meat for burgers, but you wouldn’t be able to supply a restaurant for very long. Small burgers maybe? LOL
Also, a guided moose hunt is quite expensive, I’m not sure you would be able to recover costs if you are really serious about it.

My wife and I are currently collaborating on a Moose Recipe Cookbook. We had a tentative release date of the 22nd of November, but I can see that we will most likely not make that date.

Keep an eye on the site, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter, there will be an announcement for sure.

Don’t hesitate to contact for more info. And thank you for the koodos!

All the best,

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Nov 18, 2019
bad idea
by: Anonymous

The farming of elk and bison resulted in TB, the farming of deer resulted in CWD. Moose actually seem to be more prone to diseases and parasites than most other wild animals. There is a whole plethora of nasty's ranging from tics to brain worms that are almost exclusive to moose. God forbid anyone ever tries to farm them, I fear the results would be very, very bad.

Nov 11, 2019
Swedish Hunters Harvest a LOT of Moose!
by: Kelly

Man, I had been searching since we talked. Did you know they kill 90,000 moose during their hunting season in Sweden? [Holy Moly!!!]

That’s a lot of meat. Unfortunately it looks like any meat (if allowed) brought into the USA would need to be approved by the USDA for selling consumption to the public. That’s just not right.

I want to still see if there is some hole in the loop. Somewhere to have it inspected in Sweden and delivered to me for public consumption. Who knows...maybe in the future this may change. Until then...I might take a trip to Sweden.

I noticed most places in the states only butchered YOUR moose Kill, but no one was selling it to eat. I am still searching. Can’t wait for your recipe book in the near future.


Nov 11, 2019

by: Kelly

Thanks for that long detailed email. When the book is meant to be done, it’ll get there! I look forward to it when it comes about. I am attending a small culinary course down here and afterwards, I am thinking of opening a restaurant/brewery. My only obstacle is, I live in Utah, Liquor laws (compared to Chicago) are just horrendous. The food is as bland as an old penny, which might have a lil bit more flavor because of the dirt!

I am always looking for rare and unique ventures: Moose. Yes, I had read the journey on your site about the expensive, the flights in and out, cutting up the meat, I thought about it this way, if you live in a remote part of Canada or Alaska, that moose is worth every penny. Lol.

I will check out the Sweden connection and see (for the future) if they ship to the USA. I think in my state, a moose hunt is a one lifetime only permit, per person. So I threw that idea out the window and knew I’d have to go somewhere else.

I wonder if I could get my wife to eat a moose burger...we’ll see. She is a picky Utahn, they don’t know what good food is. Lol. Thanks for the note and I hope you, the wife and family have a good weekend.

See ya on the site.

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