Moose Fatty Liver

by Jessie
(Colorado )

Sliced - Normal Looking Liver

Sliced - Normal Looking Liver

I shot a bull moose earlier this October, he was about 6.5 years old as estimated by parks and wildlife (who have been extremely unhelpful during this whole process), the shot didn't hit any organs, there was a lot of blood and quite a few bone fragments in the chest cavity but nothing as low as the liver.

When I pulled the liver out (max. 3 hours after death) the outer skin of the liver looked normal, color and texture wise.

Once we cut the liver and applied a bit of pressure it was like a very thick cat food. That has been the best description we've thought of.

It was a bit of a light brown color and would just fall apart everywhere we touched it.
The moose did have parasites, tapeworms which D.O.W explained would not effect anything.

It came back as negative for mad cow disease.

Parks and wildlife said they'd send it to a lab but they're being extremely flakey and we are very very curious as to what this could be and most importantly if the animal is safe to eat!

Any information would be very greatly appreciated, I thank you and the internet for making an answer a possibility!

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