Moose Field Dressing at Night - Predators Safety

by S
(North Idaho )

Moose Field Dressing at Night

Moose Field Dressing at Night

I pulled a bull moose tag for the first time and was wondering what if the take happens to be later in the day , are there lighting or other tips for keeping nocturnal predators away while field dressing at night?

Thanks so much for any feedback.


Hi S, thanks for your query and I do apologize for my late reply!

Moose Field Dressing at Night and considering predators is a real thing! For some it's a fearsome and daunting task.

What type of predators would be of concern? Bears are the only predators that I would even consider a threat, and then really only grizzly bears. I'm not saying that an aggressive black bear isn't going to be a problem, but in my experience I've never had a blacky come even close to my kills.

Personally, we've never had an issue and we have dressed out moose in the dark on many occasions.
On a few kills I've actually had the task of gutting a moose by myself!

Always, my bigger concern is the next morning when returning to the kill site and the likelihood of finding a predator IE: BEAR! standing guard over our hard earned moose. This does happen!

Again, I am fortunate to have never had an issue with predators stealing our kills.

What do we do to mitigate potential problems with predators? When we are in grizzly, country and dealing with a freshly killed moose we always have a loaded firearm (or 2) nearby and within reach. If we have enough help we actually have someone stand watch, always scanning the darkness with high powered flashlights. We also keep a can or 2 of bear spray handy too. In areas where grizzly bears are a non-issue we really don't pay any mind to predators.

All this said you have to be mindful. While you are in the woods predators lurk and they will get you when you aren't being aware! 😆 Seriously though, be safe out there! When returning the next day to a kill to retrieve it is when you really need to have your wits about you... especially in Grizzly Country!

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by: kapow

Use a electric fencer, that will change any mind's not to go after your game! If you're in grizzly country put some wire around your tent!!

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