Moose Hunting at the Hilton

by Kirk

The Hilton at Moose Camp

The Hilton at Moose Camp

My employer is looking for a quick, easy, high success moose hunt during the rut for a 45+ bull with 4-5 star lodging.
Does it exist?

Boy that's quite the wish list:



High Success

Big Bull Moose

5 Star Lodging

Items 3 and 4, high success and big bull moose is doable, but quick and easy... not so much.

Quick? When it comes to moose hunting in order to find a big bull you are going to have to put in the time in order to find it.

Easy? Arm chair hunting maybe the best place then.

Sorry for the sarcasm but , anything to do with moose hunting, at least a successful one is not going to be easy.

Or, maybe you are referring to where an outfitter is going to do ALL the work; all you need to do is pull the trigger, sit down to your dinner and fluff your pillow at night.

Easy, right?

Now when it comes to getting big bull moose (as per your request, over 45"), that part is not terribly difficult. However, you have to put time in the proverbial saddle and get out there and find them. I know several outfitters in both Eastern and Western Canada that can on a given day find a 45+ inch moose for their clients. This can be done, for sure.
Several of these guys call their moose camps the "Hilton", 5 star accommodation out in the woods.

Oh, wait a minute, that's what you are looking for, right? Wait a sec though, before you get too excited.

These guys idea of the "Hilton" in the woods consist of canvas wall tents or rustic cabins make from plywood or logs. The tents will usually have a few visitors of mice at night and the cabin probably have had the door frames chewed by porcupines.

The woods version of the Hilton isn't going to have and granite in it's construction (except the firepit) and there isn't going to be a valet to park your employers car.

I suggest your employer revise his list.

~ Mark

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