Moose Hunting Caliber 30-06 Winchester Model 70

by Tluang Awr

I like that Winchester model 70, it is the best for moose hunting!

Thanks for the comment Tluang. I couldn't agree with you more. From what I've seen on our moose hunting rifle survey well over 24% of moose hunters agree too.

If you haven't done so go visit the moose hunting rifle page and vote for yourself.

"The Moose Man"

Comments for Moose Hunting Caliber 30-06 Winchester Model 70

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What is the best rifle for humting moose?
by: vincenzo 71 old

... For that matter,... I would vouch for a .50 caliber, full-automatic!... See now,... any .308 180 grs. bullet shot through our modern rifles is ample enough!.... I shot, dead on the spot, a moose, years ago,...with a .43 Mauser caliber,low- speed at 50 yards,... and it did the job!... Not at 400 yards.... So, there is a minimum which is unknown, for a bullet of unknown caliber that can knock down a moose,... given the distance and the marksmanship of the shooter... Too bad if my commentaries may have shocked a few... But, indians would have shot a buffalo successfully with a .22 long rifle,... given they had a choice in place of their bows and arrows!... Today successfull hunts are conducted with bows and arrows,.... given the technologies of our times!... Unless there is proof of neandethals killing them with a wooden lance!...

caliber size
by: dan clickAnonymous

I've seen some big moose and I've seen moose on the dead run after being shot through the lungs with a 3006 caliber gun. I've never seen a moose go anywhere after it's been shot with a 338 caliber 225 grain pointed soft point. I've shot moose at 400 yards plus and dropped them dead in there tracks, it's a proven fact. Now try and do that with a 3006 not on you life it will not happen. Moose look closer than they really are just because of there size makes you think there not that far away and that's how you lose a wounded moose.

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