Moose hunting from a Canoe

by Mason Grant
(Etobicoke, Ontario)

Back around 1962 my moose hunting step father told me quite a story about a recent trip from up in northern Ontario.

As his hunting buddy's were aging some chose to buy a 7mm Remington magnum and another a 300 Winchester magnum, the catch here was they had hired Indian guides who used canoes to not only transport the hunters around but also to shoot their quarry from.

As a trial in three feet of water, each hunter with a magnum was asked by the guides to fire sideways from the canoes, without exception each canoe would have capsized had it not been for their guides catching them and not allowing the canoes to capsize.

After that these men hunted by foot, while the other men with .308 or .3006 were put in the canoes.

My point is use a caliber which is appropriate under ALL HUNTING CONDITIONS.

I have personally eaten moose 9 years in a row. They were cooked 7 different ways.

A 308 Winchester with 180 grain soft nose were used exclusively.

Happy hunting Mason Grant.

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