Moose hunting in the Kootenays

by Robbin

I am a new hunter, so to say.

I made a decision last year to feed my family the natural way. No more meat from the stores. Started with raising a cow with my neighbors.

It went well, and as I live in some of the best elk hunting in BC, I decided to give it a whirl.

I absolutely love it. My husband takes over the household while I hunt for the entire month.

This year I have decided to take up a moose hunt. I live in the central Kootenays, and I found your website super helpful, but my question is where do I find these animals in the mountains here?

It looks as though most of your stories and photos are on fairly flat ground? The only terrain I have here is straight up or down!!

I am situated approximately 1 hour south of Creston. If you can help at all, I would much appreciate it.

Thanks so much. And for the website too!

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Moose hunting in the Kootenays
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Thanks for the question Robbin.

I am a Kootenay boy myself, I grew up in Nelson. Long before there was a moose season at all in the west Kootenays we used to see the ood moose near Creston.

As a matter of fact one of the strangest sights I ever saw was near Creston... up the Sanka Creek Road. I believe it was around 1984 and we were Elk hunting up the Sanka Road when we happened upon a couple of real nice bull moose.

One however had something that I have never witnessed since. His antlers instead of being wide and spread out, went straight up. Yup... straight up. Nice antlers too, with a spread of only about 18" but the paddles were still probably over 30 inches in length.

To answer your question as to where to find moose in the Kootenays. I can't give you specifics, but I do know they are all over the east and west Kootenays. I've seen them up near Whitetail Lake / Findlay River area (West of Canal Flats), also in the Bull River Area.

Moose hunting in the Kootenays shouldn't be too hard to do. The BC Government was recently chastised in a paper that actually accused the Wildlife Ministry of stock piling moose in the Kootenays.

As I understand it there is a very good archery only moose season over that way too. Be sure to consult your local hunting regulations for dates and restrictions.

Like everywhere else in the province the big bull moose will be found higher in the mountains prior to and after the rut. You just need to locate good moose habitat in the Kootenays and you'll surely find moose.

I hope this helps,

"The Moose Man"

Moose or Elk hunt for an Albertan in BC
by: Darius

I am from Alberta but would love to hunt a moose or an elk this year in the Kootenay area. I heard for a non-resident in BC, it is impossible to go after elk or moose since you need to be either hosted or with an outfitter.
Can some one help please?

Non-resident Hunt in BC
by: Mark ~ The Mooseman

Darius, you hit it right the first time. Unless hosted or hiring a guide outfitter you cannot hunt big game in BC.

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