Moose Hunting Northern Ontario

by Bob

This year marked my 45th anniversary of moose hunting in Northern Ontario! I can't believe it, and we were rewarded by a 1400lb Bull Moose, not particularly big as moose go, but a real nice one none the less.

This has been our 8th animal since 2000. We could have taken more but logistics just get in the way sometimes.

All our moose to date were taken in Northern Ontario, Canada.

The hunter who shot the animal has never hunted moose before so we put him in a good spot and I told him what to do and it worked. One and one half hours into the hunt he had shot a moose, he has, as I have, taken many deer... and now one moose. I think I've converted him to moose hunting in Northern Ontario.

He wants to go back to check for railway tracks, he swears a Diesel Locomotive was coming at him.

His brother has moose hunted for 25 years and never seen one, his group has only shot three moose in his 25 yr stint with them.
Our group has taken many moose we have hunted together since 1995.

Our choice of weapons are, 1 .270 Win. Browning BAR, 1 .270 Win. Model 7600. 2, 30-06 model 7400. The 7600/7400s are Remington. For my .270 7600 I use a 140gr. Remington Premier Safari Grade Swift A Frame @ 3000 Ft/sec., it certainly does the job, and as you know speed kills.

Team .270 leads 5 to 3 over team 30-06. All of our animals taken were anywhere from 8 to 190 yards, some in very difficult situations. I’m not convinced about magnum loads, maybe for grizzly bears, but as for Moose, I don’t think so. I’ve taken 1400lb animals with 1 or 2 shots with my .270 with no problem.

The key is a lung shot, if possible, or if straight on, in the “V”. Regardless of their size they don’t move far if they can’t breathe or have no blood circulation.

In remote areas some stores some sell ammo. They would only carry more common rounds like 308, 30-06, 270 so if something did happen to your ammo, might be difficult to replace. (TIP) Bring a back-up weapon of the same caliber.

Why I wanted to look at your website is because different hunters in different parts of the world have different techniques, what works, when, how and why. It makes you a smarter hunter to know as much as you can about Moose, hunting them, and their habitat. All three are equally important, and that each hunter should know.

If you want the shot of a lifetime then study them. If you are going to a new area “scout it out” get a bush pilot to fly over the area Moose can teach you if you watch them.

Thanks for your input Bob. I love to hear about successes other hunters have... especially in parts of Canada where I do not hunt. I have a friend who is also living in Ontario, and over the years has moose hunted in northern Ontario.

He usually hunted by canoe, traveling up and down river and lake shores in search of those monster northern Ontario moose.

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To Brad The Moose Executioner
by: Bob

Hi Brad
there are a number of ways you can get a moose to come out and play. I suggest to you that a good scouting of the area 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time if possible if not don't sweat it. Learn your calls both cow and bull. Bring an empty water vessel with you, make a call and after the bush quiets down fill it up with water and then slowly pour it back into the water source
from about 4 feet high emulating a cow peeing. Moose have excelent hearing you will certainly a get his attention. Moose never go far from water
or food. Moose are by nature a very inquizitive animal if you call and have seemingly no results hang on it might take them a long time to show if the rut is can also thrash the bush with a branch of a tree. When you have your animal down
gut him asap I use a Stihl chain saw to cut the
sternum (breastbone)have 3 or 4 good sharp knives and a sharpener with you, THIS IS NOT A DEER there is a big differance in the hide, the rest is the same only alot bigger.
I hope this helps, and have a GREAT SAFE HUNT it is a big learning curve but you will get it and a Moose Don't worry if it doesn't happen the first year believe me it will let the bush and moose teach you there ways.

Cheers Bob

Tips and Tricks?
by: Brad


Thanks for sharing the stories. I will be hunting moose for the first time this fall in NW Ontario. Approximately 100 miles north of Red Lake Ontario. Do you have any tips or tricks for locating them in that part of Ontario? Do you usually call, spot from boats and stalk, stand hunt?

Any advice you can give would be great!

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