Moose Hunting Quiz - Question 15

by carl e kozak

Moose Hunting Quiz #15

Moose Hunting Quiz #15

September archery moose season opens in Ontario Cananda about the first of September.
I usually email out my quiz to my two sons and a friend that I hunt with.

The objective of the quiz is to make sure we are all on the same page when hunting and be prepared to make quick accurate decisions while hunting.

WE all have had experiences doing the wrong thing just before the shot or not knowing what to do in every situation.

Example best tactic when bull hangs up, how to get a bull from a cow, what to do if you have a bull coming in up wind, etc.

Question 15 on this years test is a good one but I need some good answers from you.

Here is the question:

15) Directions: choose the best answer and then explain your selection.
What is the best answer if you had to select only one area to hunt the entire week in mid September in a large drainage with tall timber with moderate hills surronding and several streams draining into and out of the lake?
A. North side
B. South side
C. West side
D East side
E. None of above
Explain your answer WHY YOU PICKED THIS AREA.

My answer to this test item

Comments for Moose Hunting Quiz - Question 15

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My answer to this test item
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Great question...

I'm going to go with C to start with. Let me explain why it's my first choice.

I picked the west side because that's the side that gets the sun first thing in the morning.

For my first hunt I picked the west side for an early morning hunt. (I'm going to assume you know there are moose in the area?) I will arrive at my chosen spot at least a half hour before dawn, while it is still quite dark. It's important to know in advance which way the prominent wind flow is in the valley or along the lake shore and approach and setup it such a way that I am downwind of where I suspect the area moose will be.

I know that in the night and until the low areas begin to warm in the morning the air flow is going to be downhill and as the day warms the air will flow back up towards the hills. Warm air rises!

The hunter needs to keep both of these wind flows in mind as he sets up.

I like the west side to get the early morning daylight and the following sun as it rises. Early in the morning as the night becomes day, the shapes that are just dark blobs will begin to form into stumps, trees, shrubs and possibly the moose that have been feeding all night or are coming out to feed while the day begins.
As soon it's light enough that I can see with an unaided eye (for a few hundred meters) I'll begin my calling sequence.

Why have I chosen the west side as my first choice?

The west side is my first choice because as the sun rises on the east facing slopes it promotes growth therefore the food supply will be abundant there. With that area getting daylight soonest it is easier for moose to see and threats in the area.

My second choice for which side to hunt would be the north side or south facing slope, for pretty much the same reasons as for the west side.

answer to quiz
by: carl

Mark I like your answers.
My question might have been loaded a bit. But mid September can be quite warm temperature wise and I believe the bulls would seek the coolest area to live in.
Some what like elk, they may choose to find a slope facing North, higher in the timber with lots of shade and a breeze.
If not there, in one of the cedar draws on the north side where the sun does not shine, perhaps very need a creek some what like I would prefer in hot weather.
So if it is hot, think cool places and add the rest of the ingredients like food and now cows.

Moose like temps under 65 degrees.
by: Mark

Good points. As I've never hunted your area nor do I know the ambient temperature there.
If the weather is warm, then for sure the Bulls will seek out cooler areas. Any time the temperature goes over 65 degrees F moose go into heat stress and will do whatever it takes to avoid overheating.
Moose will seek out cool and dark timber where there is food, shelter and water. If that geography happens to be the north face during a heat wave then that's where the hunter should concentrate his effort.

Keep in mind that if overnight temperatures dip the moose will move about while it is cool.

More Questions
by: Miles

Could you post more quiz questions please. That was a very interesting one.

Ps, Great Site

by: Anonymous

None of the above. Too many streams.

Heat and Moose
by: Ron

Because of the area that my group hunts I don't get the opportunity to hunt moose as often as I like. But it's nice to see these questions to get more of an incite. I would have thought the south side because of the warmth at this time of year. I had no idea they like anything under 65F. Thank you for the question and the other input that make us better hunters and thinkers. Much appreciated. Cheers.

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