Moose Hunting Regulations in Alaska

by Richard
(Kenai Ak)

2 1/2 Year Old Moose Antlers <br/>(Photo by Maximus Studios)

2 1/2 Year Old Moose Antlers
(Photo by Maximus Studios)

I am confused!
The hunting regulations in Alaska show a spike horn and a 4 brow time moose antlers are legal in unit 15 to kill and eat, but the pictures in the Alaska hunting regulations shows a fork horn moose which the fork on the antler starts halfway or 3/4 the way from the end of the spike antler.

But my question is; What are knobs longer or shorter of 1 inch grows about 3 inches from the base of the spike antler what these called eye guards or longer then one inch are this a moose fork antler?


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moose horns
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your question. I am in Canada so can not answer the question.
I suggest you go to the Alaska Hunting forum
A real good site for hunting all over the world..
But of course keep coming back here..


Alaskan Moose Antler Restrictions
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Richard, I think what you are referring to are are points or tines of the antler that did not completely form. The formation is NOT considered a point unless it is more than one inch in length.
(See following definition)

Eye guards are not usually becoming formed on male moose until their third set of antlers (2 1/2 years old) and even then they may not be very identifiable.

Keep in mind that the branch of an antler must be over one inch in length to be counted as a tine.

Quoted from the Alaska Moose Regulations...
"A point or tine is an antler projection at least one inch long and longer than it is wide, with the width measured one inch or more from the tip."

Eye guards or brow tines grow on a separate palm of the antler and typically grow and sweep forward.

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