Moose Hunting Rifle Scope

by Brian

What brand of scope should i purchase for my moose hunting rifle? How much power should it have?

BTW, I shoot a Winchester Model 70 in 30-06 caliber.


Brian, thanks for your question.

Personally I prefer the Leupold Hunting Rifle Scopes. The company has been around for a long time and the quality of their products are outstanding.

I own a few of their scopes:

Vari X-2 Fixed 4 power
Vari X-2 Variable Power 3 - 9
Vari X-3 Variable Power 3 1/2 - 10
Vari X-3 EFR Variable 6.5 - 20

The 3-9 power scope is the one I have on my moose hunting rifle. I sighted it in about 15 years ago and I've never had to adjust it, even though I have fired several thousand rounds through that rifle.

I hope this answers your moose sausage question.

"The Moose Man"

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by: Anonymous

I've found a spot in the state of Washington exit 240 Alger exit head over to old hwy 99 head south on the right side a few miles south you'll find Kesselring Gun Shop. Here in Canada I got a price for a Leupold scope 3X9 buy 40 650.00 bucks. Down south it was $200.00 for the same scope. Do your shopping!

Editors Note: I just checked Kesserings Website... the Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm, Duplex Reticle sells for $299.00... same price as

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