Moose Hunting South of Tatla Lake

by Brian

South of Tatla Lake Map

South of Tatla Lake Map

Hi Mark;
I really like the website and thought I would use it to contact you with a question.

This year, our group drew (as a second choice) a shared Bull Moose LEH for September in MU5-05 (south of Tatla Lake).

I am thinking that that best approach might be to hunt the last week of September (i.e. closer to the typical rut period at beginning of October and hopefully coolest part of September) and focus on areas surrounding swamps and lakes.

Given that we will be hunting pre-rut, my guess is that we should focus on trying to catch them moving back and forth from the swamps and lakes.

Any other thoughts?

Did you fellows get any LEH draws this year?

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Hunting South of Tatla Lake
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Thanks for the question Brian.

I'll answer your last question first... No LEH draws for us. :-(

As for your timing question for moose hunting south of Tatla Lake. I would agree with you on everything you mention.

The closer you get to the bull moose rut timing, the more likely the bulls will be cruising the lakes and swamps looking for receptive cows.

This is a great time of year to get out after moose. The bugs are not usually too much of a problem, except during the hottest time of the day... unless of course the temperatures are unseasonably warm.

Be sure to have a butcher lined up BEFORE you shoot your moose. It is imperative to get your moose meat into a meat locker if the air is warm at all.

For all the areas we hunt, we always check with the local meat cutter to reserve a spot in the cooler. A little bribery can go a long ways here! :-) We usually bring a gift of his favorite beverage... even if we don't use his services.

I wrote a response to a similar question about moose hunting in the early season over on early season moose hunting tips.

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