Moose Hunting Spots How Close is Too Close

by Anonamoose

Moose Map 1

Moose Map 1

I've been hunting moose in the same spot since 2017, and I've always been successful. I have my salt lick set up there again this year with moose showing up on my trail camera. My concern this year is two people have put up signs for moose hunting 2023 relatively close to me in different cutting. From my cutting to the other person's cutting there is about 600 - 700 yards. I can't say exactly as I don't exactly know where they are set up, but now I'm thinking this is way too close!
Even for moose calling we will likely hear each other. I'm thinking about moving, this is all crown land so even though I was there first I can't tell them to move.. But now the hunt is like 7 weeks away so I'm afraid there is not enough time to change locations. I've attached a layout, the 2 orange points are the new signs and the blue one is my salt lick/camera.

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