Moose Hunting Tip

by Mike
(Saskatchewan , Canada)

Got me moose b'y!

Got me moose b'y!

My moose hunting tip for moose is "BE PATIENT"!

Moose are not animals I have found out through my years of hunting them to be speedy when calling them, although many hunters have had them come into them in a quick response I know that it can also take some time.

If you are calling moose in during the rut it may take several minutes to several hours or even days. I have learn'd that moose have a great memory and if the bull you are after is already with a cow he probably isn't going to drop her like a stick to come find a new one to mate with.

BUT, when he is finished mating with that cow he is going to come over to where he heard you calling the day before to check you out, he hasn't forgotten that there was a cow looking for love.

I have called moose before and have not had them come in right away but he has come to look for me within 24 hours, so be patient and don't give up on a spot you called especially if you know there are moose in the area.

Rest assured you never know when he's gonna come looking for the next potential mate. Happy hunting!

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Patience is the key
by: Emil

This year, while at the camp, we had to use the chainsaw a couple of times to get firewood. Well, within 24 hours from the last use, we heard bull grunts and had a nice mature bull staring at our camp from the other side of the lake. Since we were after immature bulls, we only took some pictures, but, since this has happened in the past, I am pretty sure that the chainsaw noise carried over for quite some distance and the bull, while not convinced the first time, decided to pay a visit to check on the source of what he may thought were the moaning sounds made by a female in heat. Yes, 24 hours later...

Patience Pays Big Dividends
by: Mark: Site Owner

Great tip Mike! It blends well with the way I hunt moose.

First I locate several likely areas to hunt, then on a regular basis I revisit each area.

I see so many guys that go to a likely area don't see any moose (big game) then move on, never returning!

What a waste of time and effort!

There may not be an animal in the area that day or even the day after... but they will come!

I cannot stress this enough... you will see more game if you follow this principle. Deer, moose, bear it doesn't matter. This strategy works... and it works well!

Of course this must be an area that holds game or offers food, shelter or security!

I guess the short answer or to tie this with your tip is; a hunter must have the patience to: see the potential, locate the "hot" spots and have the patience to wait out the game!

by: Steve Kane(buckee)

That's an interesting tip. It goes along with my favourite saying when hunting. "Stick and Stay, Make er Pay" :)

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