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Thanks again Mark!
by: Sam Atak[...]

Hey Mark, just got back from an amazing 2 week trip to Northern BC. Had success getting moose, and hellova pack out!
Used a ton of your tips from the book and couldn’t be any more thankful! Literally spent hours on the mountain glassing and reading your e-book!

Moose Success!
by: Colin

Hi, just want to thank you for your book which I purchased and all the tips you provided! It helped me harvest my first moose! I got him in the Caribou!

We found a core area like you mentioned in your book and focused our attention there. Tons of sign and bedding areas. Will be trying for a draw in that mu again for sure!

Really enjoyed this book
by: Kevin B

I really enjoyed this book. I have hunted moose in Alaska and Canada and have harvested bulls in both but I learned quite a bit from the moose hunting tips contained in the book. I now know some of the reasons why we shot the bulls we did as opposed to pure luck. This fall, I hope to put more of these tips into action.

Great Book
by: Dave

I sent an email earlier about a problem downloading your book and with your email, it was fine, thank-you.

I have read parts of it today and have to thank you for some excellent info that you have passed on.

Great Hunting Tips
by: Regan

Being quite new to moose hunting I have searched for information on how to gain knowledge and tricks of the trade so to speak!

I came across moose hunting tips by Mark Allardyce and that's where my search ended!

The information, teachings and brotherly advise I found in this book were well beyond my expectations!

All questions of all aspects had been presented to me and many things I had not even thought of. For all you hunters out there wanting more knowledge of moose hunting regardless of expierience level are recomended to check this e book out it's well worth the read!

Hundreds of Moose Hunting Tips
by: Barry

The Moose Man has encapsulated years of his moose hunting knowledge along with the advice of other moose hunters in an excellent compact format that everyone can use anytime, anyplace. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of detail about moose hunting. I strongly urge all moose hunters to read this book. Whether you are a beginner to the sport of moose hunting or an old timer that has seen it all, you will gain knowledge from this excellent book at a very reasonable price. I along with fellow hunters that are passionate moose hunters would personally like to thank Mark for putting all this valuable information together. ~ Barry Demchuk, Alberta, Canada

A Good Read for Moose Hunters
by: Andy

A good read for both the beginner and the intermediate moose hunter alike. If I had to guess how many years of experience, or how many moose hunting successes and failures that it took to gather this much information on the subject of moose and moose hunting, I would say in the hundreds. There is no doubt there is something in this book that will make you a better, more prepared, and more successful Moose hunter this fall. ~ Andy J Dubourt, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Great Initiative!
by: Anonymous

The PDF I bought from you yesterday is in my opinion a great first edition, sharing lots of hard won experience on moose hunting in a way that encourages the readers to participate and to contribute to forthcoming work. I hope that there will be more editions following this one.
Krister F

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The book includes 57 chapters, with more than 150 pages of information, jam packed with tips, techniques and discussions - The Ultimate Guide to Moose Hunting!

by Mark Allardyce

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