Moose in Europe

Anchorage Alaska (<i>Corey Imlah photo</i>)

Anchorage Alaska (Corey Imlah photo)

My name is Maite and I am from Barcelona, Spain.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself and a little bit of my ""story"", cause it is wanna help to you to understanding a little bit more why I'm interested to have that information :)

I was living in London for more than 1 year and I flew to Stockholm like a city-break on march 2015.

I was a little bit lost, cause I was alone, but I could visit all the city.

I was crazy cause I am totally in love with the North of Europe, I like everything there, even the cold days! On my short holidays, I was on Skansen museum too.

I expected to see MOOSE, is my favorite animal, and when I was there, I was on shock: they were with no horns and they were sleeping. I could take some shots, but I was disappointed. I was so sad cause in Spain we don't have any zoo with this Noth wild animals so I can't go anywhere to see them again.

I would like to have more information about WHEN IS THE BEST SEASON to see them with horns or if it doesn't mind where to go (I have thought that in cold-notherm places, there are always MOOSES with different ages.. right? the old ones with them and the babies without.. I am not sure, I am really interested in but pretty lost hehe

I will go to Lapland (it is the closer place to Spain...)

I will be happy to have your answer as soon as you can.

Thanks on advance,

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Go to Sweden to see Moose
by: Mark ~ The Mooseman

Hello Maite,

Thank you for contacting me regarding moose. I don't know about Lapland, but Sweden (which is very close to Lapland) has a large population of moose.

If you want to see moose while they still have antlers the best season is in the fall. During the mating season (here in North America it is late September thru early October) the male or bull moose are quite vocal and on the move in search of a mate.

This would be the best time to view them as the are walking about.
You may want to contact a guiding service to take you out for viewing as they are not going to be found in towns or cities. They love and live in the wilderness.

Moose antlers grow from spring until fall when they are fully formed. The antlers stay on through to winter when they will fall off and the in the spring the cycle starts over again.

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