Moose Load for .35 Whelen

by Rick

.35 Whelen beside .30-06 Springfield

.35 Whelen beside .30-06 Springfield

Currently working on a load for my Rem pump .35 Whelen. Barnes 225 gr TSX should get it done with RL-15 powder. Hoping for 3" group at 200 yds. Quebec hunt booked for September 2014.

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Heavy load
by: Anonymous

Prime: Large Rifle
Powder: VV 150 4,0/grams max
Bullet: Speer 250gr grand slam

Loads are your own responsibility.. No guarantee, that your rifle is strong enough!,,

35 Whelen and 200 TTSX, nothing finer!
by: HB

What more can you say to 2925 FPS, .366 BC, good trajectory out to 350-400 yds and enough energy to still expand and penetrate? Sight 3 inches high at 100 yds, 2.6" low at 300 yds, 7.6" low at 350 yds, 14.2" low at 400 yds. On a moose or elk that’s a dead animal with 2210 FPS and 2170 ft/lbs remaining at 400 yds.

Also opens and expands on lighter weight game like muleys and white tails. Superb incapacitating tissue damage inside the animal but not the nasty meat damaging hydrostatic "shock" created by traditional cup and core bullets that shed weight upon impact as they open.

That polycarbonate tip inside of a LARGE cavity initiates expansion "right now" and leaves a much more substantial wound channel early on in expansion than any previous iteration of the X-Bullet. Penetration does not suffer. With frontal quartering shots on elk, goes in the front of the shoulder, out behind the ribs.

From my experience on many elk, it will do a moose just fine!

.35 Whelen A.I.
by: Kerby

See my comment on this site... In addition I would add: I've settled on the Barnes 200 gr. TTSX...
I built up a pre-64 Win action with a SS Pac Nor 24" barrel, ending with a Wayne York seamless brake. A synthetic stock by MPI and a 3 # trigger. Hits you like a .243. My pet load starts with a Federal 215 mag primer stoked with 61.3 grs. of RL-15 for an average of 3050 fps. Currently topped with a Leupold VX-R 3 X 9 X 40, 30 mm tube, Fire Dot 4 illuminated reticle... incredible package that will hunt anything, anywhere, with immediate dispatch.

35 Whelen
by: Steve Koozer

Yes Mark the 35 Whelen is just a necked up 30-06 the max COL is the same as the 06 same with the brass trim length. Reloader 15 is really the go to powder and makes the cartridge shine with bullet weights from 200 up to 250 grains. Other powders worth mentioning are IMR-4064 and either of the 4895's depending what your rifle shoots the best with. The new 200 grain Barnes TTSX has really stepped up the old whelen to new territory. Performance and penetration the same as 225 grain lead core bullets but can be driven a fair bit faster in safe pressure limits. Flatter shooting and excellent terminal performance.

If you hand load and can get your hands on a whelen do it you won't regret it.

35 Whelan is amazingly accurate!
by: Anonymous

3" group? I have been shooting under 1/2" group's at 250 yards with my 35 Whelan. 200 gr hornady superformance 35 Whelan has flatter trajectory than anything else. Cronied at 2996ft / sec. & 3987lbs / ft energy @ the muzzle. Hit a 1000 lb moose cow at 283 YRDS and the moose dropped like a sack of potatoes right where it was!

.35 Whelen
by: Mark

Be sure to post your results. It looks to me that the .35 Whelen is made from a 30-06 case necked up. Now, don't quote me on that, I'm just going by looks not actual measurements.

Loaded with 225 TSX bullet from Barnes, the cartridge should be easily enough for all of North American big game hunting.

The .35 Whelen when loaded with a 250 grain bullet, will generate 3,500 foot pounds of energy.

Also, apparently the .350 Remington Magnum has the same ballistics as the .35 Whelen.

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