Moose Meat Butchering Tips

by Perry
(Hornepayne )

Moose Ribs - Ready to Butcher

Moose Ribs - Ready to Butcher

From a butchers point of view the best meat depends on everything.

  1. How Shot?
  2. How dressed?
  3. How butchered?
  4. Most importantly, how butchered!!

From experience. Aged moose meat is the best. A butcher can determine whether your meat is tough or tender. If your moose is going to be tough, no choice, lots of burger, roasts and stewing meat.

We use a minute steak machine to help tenderizing. However, most moose will give a hunter lots of tasty and tender cuts. We typically get half burger half roast/steak.

We prefer the hide on. Less waste. Argue all you want. Hide protects the meat. Hide off, meat dries out and hunter will lose meat. However, if conditions dictate, if you must use cheesecloth and pepper to keep flies away.

You pay $$$ for quality beef. Why cheap out on butchering your hard earned wild game? We live in the north no problem. For our clients from away, they greatly appreciate, getting home after a hard successful hunt, to get home and unload coolers of quality processed wild game.

For the do-it-yourself hunters, take your time. You should get almost 300 pounds from young adult moose and in the mid 400 for the monster bulls.

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Dec 15, 2018
Butchering moose
by: Robbie

Thanks re your comments.

I agree re: "hide on". However we do fly in trips quite often via beaver on floats so with two Alaska/Yukon moose we need two trips out, so four round trips in and out is $3800.00

We skin the moose to reduce weight. We remove the neck and pelvic bone also to reduce weight, but...

Leaving bone in, cuts down on meat waste when aging meat.

Our cut and wrapping is increasing to 1.00 a pound hanging weight. So 800 pounds moose hanging, I will do it myself.
I cut the ribs pretty well in a few days. No need to age the ribs.

I have a caribou to cut up next weekend. We had grizzly bear ham tonight for supper. A friend gave it to us.

Can't or don't eat it, we will not harvest it!

Dec 15, 2018
Moose Cutting Tips
by: Dan Buss

I've always used vinegar to get fly's away, use lots of it especially on the cut parts of the meat. I do it all over, when I get finished there is a no fly zone. They buzz right off!
I never liked cheese cloth but I do carry it. It seems to dry better, before it goes into the cooler.

Dec 15, 2018
Great Butchering Tips
by: Mark

Thank you for taking the time to write in Perry. You make some valid points and offer good tips.

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