Moose Meatball Question

(Saskatoon, Sask.)

Moose Meatballs in Noodles

Moose Meatballs in Noodles

I’m making moose meatballs and the recipe says cook until medium rare. For beef you would cook until an internal temperature of 160F but that’s not medium rare, therefore I’m wondering what the internal temperature should be for moose hamburger?

Also wanting to know for future reference as I’d like to make burgers as well.

You would find that using the temperature guide for beef will be just as good applied to cooking moosemeat.

The medium rare temperature would be 130°F to 135°F.

Of course you always have to be wary of e coli contamination, so hopefully you know the source of your moose meat and are sure it was handled correctly and kept clean.

Otherwise you might be well served to cook it to well done. Usually, we would cook ground moose to well done as there is no tenderness benefit to cooking it less. The downside of course is the meat tends to dry out if it is cooked well done.

Cook your meatballs in a sauce and you won't have an issue.

~ Mark

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always cook ground meat thoroughly!
by: Anonymous

We've made moose (elk and deer) meatballs and burger patties many, many times. With the meatballs, you can cook them to medium as they will finish cooking completely while simmering in your sauce.

With burger patties, or any other ground meat (and I do mean all ground meat!) always cook it until it's thoroughly cooked as otherwise, you risk getting sick.

In either case, we typically mix about 1 lb of ground beef with 2 lb's of wild meat. I like some Worcestershire sauce in mine and a couple of eggs as well. Some filler (corn flake crumbs, bread crumbs, etc) and spice to taste.

Moose balls and spaghetti
by: Gibby

We used to make this a lot at work cooked the meatballs till medium and then we would add them to the pot of sauce and simmer them for an hour or so they would be something else!

So what is the internal temperature?
by: Tarek

Internal temperature for cooked ground moose meat should be the same as for beef. 160 F or 70 C

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