Moose Offal


Moose Offal

Moose Offal

I left behind more than once after a bow kill, parts of a moose I now think my be the best parts to eat.
Correct me if I am wrong.
The tongue, the nuts (gonads), the heart (did take that out last year) notice the rib bones cut.

What else am I missing?

Also I need some recipes for the "parts" or offal.

Carl, good to hear from you!

(If you have a larger image can you please email it to me, thanks)

Moose Offal, or the "parts" as you refer to them are often left behind as they have fallen out of favor with the modern crowd.

A list of edible parts:
  • Tounge

  • Eyeballs (in some cultures)

  • Heart

  • Lung

  • Liver

  • Kidneys

  • Tripe (stomach bag)

  • Gonads

  • The hoofs can have the outer shell removed and be rendered into a type of lard.

Of course there may be some others that I am missing. I know the brain is used in traditional tanning methods although I do not know if there are any other parts used for tanning.


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Hooves et al
by: Michel

I save the tongue, heart, liver, kidneys, legs and hooves.

Also I get all the bones cut up at the butcher's if we go the butcher not home-cut route. I had soup bones for 2 1/2 years from the 2012 moose.

Moose Nose - Yum?
by: Anonymous

A fellow I know likes to eat the nose of the moose - cooks it a special, way not sure how!

by: Anonymous

I like your bone idea.

Offal edible recommendation
by: Anonymous

The best part is the nose! Don't forget the moose nose!

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