Moose Poop for Jewellery

by Judy

Moose Poop to Make Jewellery

Moose Poop to Make Jewellery

Anyone out there know the best way to 'preserve' the moose nuggets for jewellery making, etc? I have read everything from hair spray to shellac... Thanks!

That's a new one on me Judy!

Certainly moose poop is used to make all kinds of jewellery. I saw some in Niagara Falls earlier this year when I was traveling. There were earrings, pendants and charms all made from moose poop.

I would think that moose poop itself once dried is fairly solid but would not stand up to the wear and tear of being worn as moose poop jewellery.

I think you are right-on with a clear shellac or clear lacquer coating if you are trying to preserve the natural look. I really don't think that hairspray would give a strong enough coating.

Otherwise you might look at some of the fiberglass resin or epoxy coatings as alternatives. These would be exceptionally strong as compared to just a lacquer or shellac covering.

Good luck with your moose poop jewellery. If you do make some, please come back and share some pictures. We might even have a market for you here!

~ Mark - MTMM

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