Moose Ribs

by Robbie
(Watson Lake, Yukon)

What's on your plate? Moose Ribs?

What's on your plate? Moose Ribs?

I learned this recipe from a First Nation friend who lives above the Arctic circle in the Yukon, Canada...

Moose ribs - bone in
Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Large roasting pan with lid..
One or two potatoes, carrots (a couple), apple and an onion.
You can use pretty well any root type vegetable...
Cut the vegetables into larger sized need to peel except the onion..
Put vegetables etc on bottom of pan and add the ribs to the pan..
Cover tightly put in oven for 1/2 hr at 400 turn down heat to 250 degrees..
Leave in oven for 5 hours. check after 5 hours for doneness. If ribs are thick they will take 8 hrs....
When done to your liking take out of pan and put on BBQ and grille for a few minutes with your favorite sauce.

Do not add spices or salt and pepper while cooking.

We do this recipe with moose ribs, or caribou ribs...Caribou or deer would not take quite as long to cook...


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Cooking Moose Ribs?
by: Anonymous

Don't I need to add water or broth with the vegetables and ribs when putting them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moose ribs
by: Anonymous

Hello have not tried yet but was wondering if anyone has used the instant pot for them? I am going to tonight and guess on the times..
Thank you

Best ribs
by: Jeff in fairbanks

I take moose ribs, and put in a large container(sealable) with 4 parts brown sugar to 1 part salt and garlic cloves crushed and layer the ribs so the dry mix covers every parts of the ribs. Seal the container and let sit for 3 hours. The mix will become a gooey syrupy consistency. Turn the container upside down and let sit for 3 hours, flip it again 2 more times for a total of 12 hours.

Remove ribs and rinse them off. Place in crock pot on low for 10 hours adding spices, brown sugar BBQ sauce after a few hours. Enjoy!

Note: I was advised to not trim the fat off the moose. They were right. I will never again trim fat off moose when butchering. Even if you don't eat it, it adds incredible flavor to the meat. Succulent and very flavorful.

by: Cdn Kathy

I've made these twice with excellent results both times. It is imperative to NOT add spices or salt & pepper as the recipe asks. You will NOT be eating the vegetables in the bottom of the pan, as they will be covered in moose fat, & mushy after cooking for 5 hours. I had success with pre-cooking ribs in the oven one day, then bbqing for company the next. Will be making these again, & again!

moose rib meat
by: Colleen AK

For most of my life, we have always cut the ribs and slow cooked and BBQ'ed them.

Last year, a friend of ours de-boned the ribs and we put the chunks of meat away.

OMG! Love em!

Season chunks with favorite spices, (I like garlic salt, Johnny's, coarse ground pepper, Montreal steak seasoning.

Place in crock pot and add onion soup mix with about 1/2 cup water and splash over rib meat.

If using vegetables, cube and place along bottom of pot before placing meat in. Add 1 can diced tomatoes and 1 can diced green chilis on top of roast; cover and cook on low for 8 hrs.

Im a Yukoner and moose eater too!
by: Anonymous

I will try your recipe tomorrow and get back to you on it here. Most of my moose, if it isn't in a stew, is dry and unsavoury. I wondered about doing the moose ribs in a crock pot on low heat too? I have the right cut with bone in and "fat on".....

I would appreciate your input.


Moose Ribs
by: Steve Kane (buckee)

Mmmmm Mmm. Sounds Good Rob. Thanks

Moose Ribs... Yum!
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for sharing your recipe. Up until this year we have not tried cooking our moose ribs... we had always boned them out.
Well, once we tried them we were hooked. Our loss for not having done them sooner.
I'll be trying out your recipe the next time we cook up some wild game ribs for sure!

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