Moose Virgin

by Matt
(Calgary )

7mm Rem Magnum

7mm Rem Magnum

I am an Alberta hunter who has never filled a moose tag.

I have Savage chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum that I have taken an Elk with and a Tikka .270 Winchester that I have taken everything else with.

Your words about shooting comfortably are golden!

That Savage 7mm kicks like a mule. I shoot lights out with the .270 cal. I’m a patient man... I’ll wait for the right shot and use the .270!

Thanks for your comments Matt! My .270 is a Sako Model 75 in stainless with a wood stock. It shoots like a dream and I've taken quite a number of moose with it. My only complaint is its rather heavy and in my old age (not that old... 61) I'm feeling like I don't want to lug that rifle around all day. So last year I purchased my first Tikka Superlight and like the Sako it is a tack driver.
My friend borrowed it this year and took a bull moose with a single shot.
Oh, I guess I should mention that it is a .300WSM

I'm not saying that I will retire my .270, it just gives me some more choices.

You are probably thinking about the recoil of a 300 WSM Superlight? Right?
Well, I took care of that right away and added a Decelerator Recoil Pad and a muzzle brake and now its felt recoil is like my .243 cal. Of course there is the noise issue, but I'm not target shooting with it, so that becomes a non-issue to me.

~ Mark

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