Moose Wallows

by slowjo
(Rossland, BC, Canada)

Drop Tine Moose - Photo by Cougar Morrison

Drop Tine Moose - Photo by Cougar Morrison

What is a moose wallow?

A moose wallow is a pit the bull moose creates during the mating season, usually made by the dominant bull of the area. He makes it by pawing with his fore feet, scraping the ground.

The result of his pawing creates a depression in the ground over which the bull positions himself and subsequently urinates in.

He will often immediately lay down in this perfumed mix to get as much scent from the wallow onto his body as he can.

He does this much like a man wears cologne, to attract a mate.

After a wallow is made by a taiga bull moose, he will visit it frequently during the breeding season to see if the pit has attracted any cow moose. If a cow finds one of these moose wallows she will stay in the vicinity and await the bull.

Moose wallows are randomly placed and are seldom in the same location year over year. A fresh moose wallow is a great place to set up a trail camera to see who comes to visit.

Tundra moose have their own strategy for using the scent pits. The tundra moose are grouped by the bull into a group or a harem. Once the bull has his harem he will display dominance over the group and chase away any sub prime bulls.

Cows of the harem will stimulate the bull to urinate into his wallow frequently and the cows will lay in the wallow to enjoy the scent. When a bull lies in his own wallow, cow moose find this behavior almost irresistible.

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