Moose with Deer Like Antlers?

by Joline

Majestic Looking Two Point Bull

Majestic Looking Two Point Bull

There is a bull that I have seen frequently along our road. His antlers are much more like a deer than a moose. He is fairly large and seems to move well. I see him licking salt in the road, and last evening he was licking it from a car parked in a driveway. I wonder if this is a sign of old age, or illness.

Here are the pictures. One was taken on Jan.23 and the other on Jan 27 (the one by the car). I have seen moose all my life, but this is the first time I have ever seen one with antlers like this, and at this time of year. Thank you for your response. You may post the photos...I'll be interested to hear what others think.

I live in rural Maine. An answer to this would be appreciated.

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Bull Moose With Deer Like Antlers
by: Mark - Site Owner

What a handsome young bull. You are quite right he is big, moose are big animals especially when you see them up close.
I don't think you have anything to be concerned about with this guy. During the winter moose are only feeding on low nutritional twigs and sticks, he likely is licking the road and car to get a few extra minerals.

As soon as I saw the pictures I could recognize him as a young bull moose. It is very common for immature bulls to have no more than two points on one side of their headgear.
If he was old you would notice a lot of graying around his muzzle and his antlers would have more structure without the typical palmate.

See the first section on immature moose antlers for more information.

Thank You for your submission.

Yes indeed
by: Raymond

I live in Colorado and spend a lot of time in Moose Country. I have seen quite a few bulls like him in the past and watched them grow huge antlers. My guess is he is about 2 years old and still growing. Great pics and watch for him to get older and bigger. Definitely do some research on moose and you will find this is very normal.

Mark has some great info on this site that is most helpful. Thank you Mark

Thank you for your comment
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thank you for your comment.
I believe you are correct in saying the bull moose is likely going on two years old. I too have seen many young moose with small antlers like this.

I agree with Raymond, keep an eye on this guy. You might be able to document his aging process. I think it would be cool to watch him as he grows. If you get anymore pictures of him, please post them. This young bull should be loosing his antlers soon too! You might even be able to find them if you know where he is hanging out.


Young Bull
by: Joline

Thank you for your comments. I was surprised he hadn't dropped his antlers already. I thought it was either a young fellow or a very old one, but since he didn't seem to be gray he is probably a young bull moose.

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