Muddled Mess

by Patrick Brett
(Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories, CA)

The first recipe with moose I ever did.

You will need;
- cast iron frying pan with cover(large, and tinfoil will work as cover too!)
- source of heat (fire is better, stove works too)
- Salted butter or margarine
- 2 fist sized onions, cut into desired size/thickness/shape
- freshly cracked black pepper or mixed pepper

- ANY CUT(s) OF MOOSE MEAT. I usually process my own meat, not very neatly I might add (I don't mind the way we do it)cut into chunks or slices about the size of a fried egg

1. Heat up the pan with a large spoon of butter melting in it
2. Add onions and stir until coated with butter
3. Add desired amount of meat and spread evenly over onions
4. Cook until a simmer is achieved. Its important to make sure there is enough butter/juices in the pan so the meat doesn't "pan-fry" itself.
5. Cover and let simmer for about 25-40 minutes depending on heat, stirring occasionally.

After you have let your full simmer, reduce heat and let simmer very slowly for about 15 minutes longer. In my experience, this is a super easy, and very tasty way to enjoy the meat that isn't premium top cuts.

Once everything settles, you'll have a messy, gravy like sauce, and tender meat that you won't need a knife to cut! take the mixture and eat as is, over pour it over rice/mashed potato and enjoy!

This is the first way I ever tried deer, and just adapted it to moose.

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