Muzzleloader Loads for Moose?

by Muzzleloader Hunter

I am relatively new to the muzzleloader world, but I am considering taking my muzzle-loader with me on this years moose hunt.

What's a good powder/projectile combination for moose?

What kind of range can you expect with a muzzleloader to make a clean kill on a bull moose?


Muzzle Loader Hunter

I am hoping that one of our frequent site visitors can help you find a good muzzleloader load for moose hunting. As I have no experience at all in this area, we'll have to wait to see who responds to your question.

I suppose one of the questions that a potential helper may ask is; What caliber of muzzleloader are you planning to use for moose hunting?

If loading a muzzle loader is anything like loading smokeless powder for modern weapons, the ratio between caliber, bullet weight and amount of powder to use is critical.


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by: Browning boy

Three years ago I was drawn for moose in a muzzleloader only zone. I would strongly suggest lots of practice to familiarize yourself with what the limits of your gun are. I used a CVA 50 cal optimua, I used 150grains of powder and I used Hornady's SST high speed low drag 250 grain sabot. With this combination I was able to fill my tag with one shot at a 3yr old at 148yards.
I would never hesitate to use a muzzle loader to drop a moose. Shot placement is key with any gun/ammo you use. Happy hunting.

Muzzle Loader For Moose
by: Anonymous

I was very fortunate to draw a once in a lifetime moose permit in Washington State for "muzzle loader only" in 2014. My season will start on Sept. 27 and end on Oct. 5.

I have been hunting with a muzzle loader consistently for about 25 years and have taken deer with round balls and conical bullets. I have only taken elk with conical bullets.

I shoot a Thompson Center .50 cal. Hawken replica. There are many good conical bullets on the market, but I have always used a TC 370 gr. Maxiball. It sits on top of a 90 gr. loose powder charge. My favorite powder is FFFG Triple Seven.

My rifle is zeroed at 50 yds. I will not shoot over 100 yds. and if I have to reach out that far, my bullet will drop about 6 inches.

The elk I have shot in the vitals went no more than 30 yds. before collapsing. I expect the moose to do the same.

Most important is shot placement.

If you hit them in the lungs, heart, or liver they won't go far.

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