No Bull Moose - Just This

by Barry

Must Have Been Huge - Fronts measured 36

Must Have Been Huge - Fronts measured 36

Weather eventually beat us in the end....way too much in terms of rain, freezing rain, and snow. Only time we saw any moose or other animal movement was one nice afternoon and one nice morning. Other than that we were in a cloudy wet sack the whole time. Only good thing to say about the snow is that it covered up all the mud of which there was plenty.

Saw at least 6 or 7 different cow calf combinations, but no bulls despite a ton of rutting sign almost every place we went....trees and bushes smashed all over the place plus some big big rubs 9 ft up in certain areas. Put around 140 mi on my quad so we poked our noses in every possible little nook we knew ....I am sure there are no shortage of bulls even though we did not spot a significant bull track...they must have been hunkered down and there was no real way of getting them out of that thick bush

We used to come more around remembrance day and recently we started coming beginning of the it possible we are a bit too early for the bulls to start batching up and moving as we used to see them more together later...we might have to start coming the week after...let me know your opinion on this matter for late season hunting...

Keep me posted on any hunting news you hear or see as we will be back next year to try again after more strategy......great area for camping and quading regardless of the hunting.

Good luck the rest of the year .

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Late season moose hunting
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Late season moose is almost always going to be a challenge.

Bulls return to their recluse high in the mountains (if there are any) and form their bachelor groups.
It's time for rest and eating to gain and regain strength and weight for the coming winter.

Post rut bulls don't move very much, as you noted, they hunker down in select areas where there is plenty of food, shelter and water to be had. They will stay put until the snow levels reach their belly before they start their winter migration to wintering grounds.

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