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by Al

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The End Result

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Hi there, thanks for the great site.

I am new to hunting this year. I have my core course from years ago and look forward to purchasing a license, tag and gun.

I have a very good friend to help as he has been hunting for years. But being new to hunting and not being too young (47 years old) if you have any advice or tips for us new guys, they would be very welcome. I am excited, and a little nervous not knowing what to expect.

So wish me luck, and here's to a good first season.

Thanks for the comment Al. You know, novice hunters can learn a lot just by observation. Even us experienced hunters can learn. I am always alert when someone is talking about how or where they got their game.
New methods, tips, various setups can all lead to increased success.

My advice... read all you can, watch, listen and be alert while in the field.

I think I could write volumes about the little things, because invariably those are what will add up to make a difference.

Learn to identify good habitat, then find out if your quarry frequents the area. My absolute best tip I can give is this...
Never give up!

You will have many days when you see nothing, this is not uncommon for novice hunters and the experienced alike.

You cannot find game if you are in camp, get out there. Get out of your vehicle and walk out to areas that are relatively undisturbed by human traffic.

If you are moose hunting be sure to read our moose hunting tips and post questions if you need more clarification.

As for your nervousness, that is OK. It is probably a good thing actually. A novice hunter that is overly confident may make too many mistakes where others who are proceeding with caution may win the day.

I've been hunting moose for well over twenty years now and I still get very excited about the season. I know I make the odd mistake but I have also learned from the many I have made over the years.

It is important to realize that we all make mistakes, it is just with experience we make fewer. Learn from them, take the various situations over with your hunting partner. Figure out where and what could have been do differently for next time.

Every hunting situation is different, every animal acts in it's own unique way. Because we hunt in varied terrain every stalk, belly crawl or stand will bring it's own challenges.

Be consistent in your hunting... watch for horizontal lines in a vertical world. See that freshly overturned rock... not sure if it is fresh? Turn another over yourself... now compare the two.

I think there are too many novice hunter tips to list. The above are about .001% of what you have to learn.

You'll be dead before you will know all there is to learn, so will I. But I will continue to learn every time I go out. You should too!

PS: Once you have something you can share. Pay it forward. Come back to our site and share will all so we can learn too.

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Patience - Novice Hunting Tip
by: Mark - Site Owner

Buckee, you are correct... patience plays a big part in hunting.
Moose hunting can be frustrating and exciting at the same time.

Take the following example:

A number of years ago I walked quietly along the edge of a cut-block one morning while it was still dark. As I waited for the first glimmers of light I heard a cow moose calling in the distance. Immediately a bull moose responded, then another.

I cow called and one of the bulls responded. Then the other did too. This was great I had two bulls working to my cow moose calls. "Surely I'll be able to call one of them to within range" I thought to myself.

To make a long story short, after about an hour and a half of calling to those bulls they just were not showing themselves. I knew they were closer than when I had first heard them, because the responses from the bulls were louder. I just did not know how close those bulls might be.

I got impatient... I decided to move in on them instead... Not a good idea as it turned out.

I had not gone a hundred yards when all hell broke broke loose. Moose were crashing through the bush, away from me of course. They either heard me or smelled me... it really doesn't matter, the gig was up.

Patience... patience is what I needed that day. Those moose were still working their way toward me and I blew it.

That is one lesson I won't soon forget.

There is however a happy ending to this story though. I left the area for a couple days and then returned again before dawn. Just as had happened a couple days before I had two bulls answer me. This time though only one was coming and I waited...

The patience paid off. I harvested a very nice bull that morning.

by: Steve Kane(buckee)

Patience and stealth is so very important while in any hunting situation, whether you are stalking, still-hunting, sitting in a treestand or sitting in a blind. Your personal movements will either break you or make you when it comes to being successful.
After you've been hunting for a while, like mentioned above, by paying close attention, you will be able to read the body-language of animals. This sure comes in handy during the rut, when you have a nice doe standing out in front of you, or perhaps even another buck, and all of a sudden, you can see by their body language, that something else is coming. Do you wait and see what it is? Do you just ignore it and settle on the deer in front of you? Your observances & patience in these situations is the key.
I'll be standing by to see how you make out this season too, and hope you have some learned knowledge from a newbie to share.


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