Pre-rut Bow Hunting Tips for Moose

by Ben
(Quebec Canada)

Late Summer Pre-rut Bull Moose

Late Summer Pre-rut Bull Moose

Can you tell me some pre-rut bow hunting tips for moose or calls?
What technique would you use to bow hunt moose early September?
I will be moose hunting in St. Lawrence north shore region.

Thank you


Pre-rut bow hunting for moose will not be without its challenges.

I believe moose your area will not go into peak rut until the first week of October, therefore using cow calls will not be as effective for calling in bulls in early September as it will be in a few weeks time.

However; bulls will be sparring with each other, putting each other to the test of who will be dominant during the breading season. If they think there is another bull in the area they may come to your bull calls.

Also, they will be in the process of ridding themselves of the velvet on their antlers. Don't forget to do some raking and bush thrashing with something that will imitate a bulls antlers. A birch bark call, an old canoe paddle or a an old shoulder blade works well for this.
I am sure there are other things that will work to imitate bull antlers as well.

Bull moose will know all the bulls in their area, by sight they will recognize their competitors and by voice the will know who is nearby.

You calling and acting like a bull will draw him in, he will want to check this new guy out. While hunting do not be afraid to make some noise. Moose are large animals and do sometimes make considerable noise while walking... although it is surprising just how quiet they can be.

I have also heard that rattling for moose is also effective. Similar to rattling for deer, dominant bucks will come to the sound of rattling.

The sound of a fight always draws a crowd, so does the sound of crashing antlers. I read a story this year where a hunter took a large set of moose sheds out with him on a moose hunt. He secured one to a tree and proceeded to have a moose fight of his own. It wasn't long before he was visited by a big bull.
This sounds logical to me. The crashing of antlers would certainly draw some attention... I know I would follow the sounds.

Another pre-rut bow hunting tip I have, is if while hunting you find an area where there had obviously been a bull moose fight. Do not be too quick to leave the area. The loser would have been chased away and the victor may be nearby, possibly bedded down and resting.

Moose pre-rut bow hunting in early September requires a bow hunter to be resourceful. Do not rule anything out. Although the rut is not for several weeks after you are hunting not all cow moose will go into estrus at the same time. I have been successful in using cow calls to lure bulls in early season. Cow moose calling just will not work as well as bull calls (grunting) will at that time of year.

Early season bull moose will likely not be as aggressive as they will later, they may not come in in a hurry but they will come in.

Early September should find bull moose in the higher country, most certainly away from human traffic, you need to find these more remote areas to be successful. Find areas with high concentrations of moose sign and hunt them thoroughly... do not be discouraged if you do not find a moose in one of these 'hot spots' the first time you visit. They will be back and so should you be.

Especially as a bow hunter you need to be more aware of all the things that make a hunt successful. It is the attention to detail, study of moose and their habits and habitat that will make the difference.

Moose bow hunters need to call them in close, or spot and stalk. As always do not take marginal shots, preferring always to take good clean ethical shots.

Good luck with your hunt Ben, I wish you the greatest success.

~ Mark

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by: Anonymous

Very good tips from earlier Pro Hunter.
Bull Calls are the best Calls to use early.
Using a Cow in Estrus Call is also a very good call to make "IF YOU CAN DO IT"
I believe in hunting the lowlands/swamps/marshes early season where the cows and calves hang out.
The bulls are bound to come looking for them and the food, to mate and get away from the bugs in early season.
Another good tip for archery hunters is to tie a Rope/String to a low lying branch when you've called that Moose out and he gets hung up on the other side of the lake/swamp/marsh. You might see he has come out and is looking in the direction where the cow call came from.
Just give the Rope/String a couple of yanks from your Blind/Tree Stand moving the branch. The Moose will think ,oh there she is and come right over looking for the Cow.
Remember the more tricks of the trade you can put in your favor, better your odds of taking that animal. Patience is a virtue.

Moose Caller Fred

Thank You
by: benli

Thanks for the quick response I will surely try your tips mostly the trashing part. I'll come back with some moose pics. :-)

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