Recommendation for Moose Photo Adventure

by Logan
(Santa Barbara CA)

The Group who are sending me on a Moose Photo Adventure

The Group who are sending me on a Moose Photo Adventure

My kids, 22, 24 & 26 have given me a Moose photo adventure fund. I have the whole family behind my 'meet a moose' trip scheduled for the last week of April. I would love to have your recommendations as to good adventure options. I'm in Santa Barbara CA and have little to no knowledge about moose except that I love their look and am thrilled to get a chance to see them in the wild.

Thanks for contacting us Logan. I appreciate you trusting for a recommendation for a moose photo adventure. I sent you a reply via email with our recommended moose guy.

Anyone else that is looking for recommendations for any kind of moose adventure please contact us.
"The Moose Man"

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End of April Moose Photo Adventure
by: Anonymous

Good luck, but watch out! Where your going has them grizzly bears fresh out of their den's and they'll be hungry.

Moose Photo Trip
by: Dave Kelso

April is a poor month to see moose in all their beauty. Think August/ Sept no matter where you want to go.

August will find bull antlers still in velvet but near their full potential. September will find bulls coming to calls of a good photo guide to get you real close for pictures.

July is OK as well if you want to deal with biting insects. But early morning and late evenings on ponds or waterways will get you the experience of a lifetime. (at least in Maine)

Good luck and I admire your feelings for the moose.
Dave Kelso

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