Remote Moose Camp

by Carl Kozak

Remote Moose Camp Hunters

Remote Moose Camp Hunters

Our hunt is in Ontario. The outfitter has a full bunk house so we negotiated for him to set up a camp with a wall tent and stove.

Don't know what else he will or what else we should ask him to provide for the $2,500 fee?

There are four of us archery hunting in Sept. for 10 days. Our remote moose camp is 30 miles from any town. There is a creek with running water near by.

Can anyone help us with a list of what we should bring to our remote moose camp, besides our atv's sleeping tent, coolers etc. and a 2000 watt generator.

You know, the one or two things that will absolutely make a difference for our hunt.
We want to make this the best most comfortable camp in Ontario but we need your "pearl ideas" to help us do that.

In advance God Bless you and thank you.

One thing I wouldn't go to a remote moose camp with is a source for hot water for showering and washing. Check out the article camp water heater.

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remote camp
by: Anonymous

I would not take a generator. Can not figure what one would be needed for?

For cooking on a fire have a grate, enough dishes, enough food for ten days. I always have some of those side kicks with me.
Have comfortable sleeping arrangements. If you don't get some good sleep in the ten days you will be sore and real bushed.

I just got back this morning, from six days in the bush. Saw one bull moose, one grizzly at 25 yards, and four caribou. Did not shoot anything on this trip. More of a scouting trip.

I have one of those 12 volt coolers to keep meat frozen. Temperatures were 80 degrees. Put in a couple of ice packs and ran my truck for a few minutes each day to cool the thing off and got home this morning and the meat I had left was still very cold.
In September you should not have any trouble keeping food frozen if you need to.


Protect meat and Communicate
by: Anonymous

Pepper and cheese cloth in case you are successful to keep insects from laying eggs on the meat, especially where it's been cut and there is blood.

FRS Walkie talkies are also very handy, especially if used with earphones and in vibration mode.

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