Rifle Cartridges for Moose

by Mike
(Wasilla, AK)

After moving to Alaska I discovered this site. I had thought that my 30-06 was on the small size for rifle cartridges for moose. I learned quite quickly that moose are soft sided creatures as long as you don't hit the shoulder of these beasts.

Tikka Hunter Stainless Steel Moose Hunting RifleTikka Hunter Stainless Steel Moose Hunting Rifle

I have read of children taking them with a 243.

The biggest thing is being comfortable and proficient with your rifle. If you put a bullet into the boiler room the animal will go down.

In Alaska most natives use nothing bigger than a 30-06 shooting Remington Core-Lokts (they are easy to find) for all types of animals including brown bears. A well designed bullet placed in the right spot will do the trick on every animal.

So before you go out and buy a magnum rifle cartridge for moose hunting, look in the safe and pull out your deer rifle; choose a well constructed bullet and get proficient with it.

Good advice Mike! The venerable 30-06 Springfield caliber rifle is more than adequate as a rifle cartridge for moose.

As a matter of fact the 30-06 is: The Most Popular Moose Cartridge used by moose hunters today. More than 25% of almost 900 respondents to our moose hunting rifle survey have chosen the 30-06. Followed by the .308 Winchester caliber (13%) and then the .300 Winchester magnum (9%).

There are of course other calibers that many hunters will argue to be superior for various reasons of their own.

No need to be swayed though. As Mike has pointed out, if you own a 30-06 caliber... use it as your moose hunting rifle. The 30-06 cal. used with a 180 grain bullet will do the job.

It's always a good idea to use premium ammunition for moose hunting.

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Polar Bear
by: Anonymous

And yet Nanook of the North would regularly take Polar bear with a 222 Remington, the reason is it left a small hole in the hide and the hide was worth much money. Shot the Polar Bear in a spot on the back of the neck where the vertebrae was close to the skin. From a 1922 Documentary following the lives of Nanook and his family, Inuits living in the Arctic Circle. Saw this in High School back in 1972

moose hunting rifle
by: Lance

I've only shot two moose one with a 300 wby and one with a 338 rcm the wby was 180 gr speer bullet and the 338 was a 250 barnes the 338 was much more impressive and my next moose will be with the 338 hands down

Cartridges for Moose
by: Vic

I used to use my Smith & Wesson Model 1500in 7mm RemMag w/Hornady 162gr, now I use my Browning B.A.R in .300 WinMag w/Federal 180gr trophy bonded tips, and love the lighter recoil on this rifle, since I was injured. My Moose went about 35 yards with a heart shot.

270 Winchester
by: Radar

I use my 270 Winchester for everything from coyotes to moose. Hand loads from small game 100g to big game 180g Barnes bullets. One shot is all it takes!!

338 remington mag
by: dan click

Well I seem to like the Remington 700 stainless steel in the 338 caliber and I shoot a hand load Speer 225 grain pointed soft point boat tail any size of moose will hit the ground and not get up. I always hit them in the lung's tight to the front shoulder I've never lost one yet there's nothing worse than seeing your game run off wounded and to never see it again.

30-06 all around cartridge for moose
by: Anonymous

I shoot a Sauer 30-06,and I hand load barnes bullets with H414 powder. If you can place the shot, all you need is one.
Thanks, Gord

I run .270
by: Z Taylor

Too add to the discussion, I live in Alaska. When I go moose hunting, which is coming up very soon, I sling my .270 Winchester. This rifle is perfect for being lightweight, and the recoil is friendly. I use Fusion's 150grain ammunition and haven't had a problem so far.

30-06 for sure
by: Ray

I am a huge 30-06 fan. In fact I only have 1 go to hunting rifle in my gun cabinet. 2 Rugers: M77 30-06 with a Vortex 4-12 x 50 scope. Yes I have 2 of them, hey I believe in always having a back up.
I load 150grain Hornady SST Interlocks with 48 grains of IMR 4895 Powder and a Winchester primer. I have taken a cow and bull moose with it.
When I went to Alaska and hunted for Moose, Caribou, Black and Grizzly I uploaded to a 180 grain Hornady SST Interlocks with 50 grains of powder. I practiced and was very comfortable with all loads and Took all of my Alaskan Game, Minus the Grizzly with 150grain Bullets.
Fact is, that the only North American Big game that I wouldn't take a 30-06 to hunt is a Polar Bear. Yes it is most definitely the best all-around choice.

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