Rifle Size for Moose Hunting

by Charlie

Is a Browning 7mm WSM using 160gr bullets good for moose hunting?


Good question! The make of the moose hunting rifle is not as critical as the rifle size for moose hunting. Browning does make some fine firearms and you won't be disappointed.

The 7mm WSM in a 160 grain bullet will certainly do the job for taking moose sized game. The nice thing about the WSM caliber is that you can achieve magnum caliber velocities without using a belted cartridge.

The rifle size for moose hunting you have chosen will offer you several choices in bullet weights. But I think a 160 grain bullet is better suited for a moose hunting bullet weight, than say the 130 grain just because of bullet mass and weight retention.

I would also suggest using a premium bullet such as Nosler Partion or Barnes TTSX.

Thanks for asking,
All the best,
Mark ~ The Moose Man

Comments for Rifle Size for Moose Hunting

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Tikka T3 Lite
by: Brad

Thanks Mark!

I am sighted in with (and extremely comfortable with) the 165s. Not saying I couldn't re-sight in with 180's, but you tend to dance with the girl that brought you. I also know that with my .308, the difference between 150's and 180's at a mere 50 yards was about 5 inches lower.

As far as the Tikka is concerned, my only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner. It is a real tack driver out of the box (3 shot dime size group at 100 yards). I have the Tikka T3 lite stainless and it is a dream to carry (less than 6 1/2 without the scope) and shoot. I highly recommend one.

30-06 For Moose
by: Mark - Mooseman

In my humble opinion I think the 180 grain bullet weight is a better choice for the 30-06.

First let me say that the 165 grain will do the job, in fact you could go as small as 130 grain. Although I am not suggesting that you do(use 130's)... these are just choices available.

Why do I suggest the 180 grain?

1) In a 30-06 the 180 grain bullet has been proven to be the most accurate (in 30-06 caliber rifles).

2) The 180 grain bullet will have better weight retention and penetration.

If you are happy using the 165 grain, and your rifle is already sighted in with them... use them.

Maybe the next time you are panning to purchase bullets or cartridges; try out the 180's - you'll like them!

BTW: How do you like your Tikka? My friend is thinking about buying one (.300 WSM).

Silimlar question
by: Brad

But I was planning on using my Tikka .30-06 with Nosler Partition 165 gr. Do you see any issues with that, or should I go up to 180?

Reloading 338 /225 grain
by: Anonymous

Well I've found out the hard way. But if you reload and as I do. I've found in the 338 caliber that a 225 grain pointed soft point boat tail by Speer, just knocks a moose down for the count. As Ive always shot them through the lungs. and have never had to chase them any where. they've always dropped on the spot. That's one flat shooting caliber. Dan click

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