Right Bullet Choice for 308 for Hunting Moose

by Barry

Going to use a custom built 308 for hunting moose this year in Alberta and Yukon for the first time ( nice, compact and light for my recently repaired shoulders).

What would you suggest for bullet and weight if all shoot decent groupings of course ?

165 or 180 partition or Accubond.
150,165, or 180 ttsx
165 or 180 Trophy bonded tip

Most shots should be under 200 and nothing over 300 from my experience in the past out there.

Used to shoot magnums and am not that familiar with 308 velocities.

Slow and heavy bullet vs faster and lighter.

I know that the ttsx,tbbt, and partition is very good at the proper velocity and weight...just don't know the best combo for the 308.

You've seen more moose shot with the 308 AND 3006 than me...

and I know that you are a partition and ttsx fan from your article.

Thanks for your advise.


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.308 bullet choice for Moose
by: Charlie

I have shot several moose with my .308 BLR (Staghammer), all one shot kills, dropped in tracks, neck shots.
I always used 180 grain bullets, usually Remington. Same with my 30-06. I want to be able to break big bones if I have to.
I use 150 grain spitzer boat tails for deer but want a heaver bullet for moose.

308 Bullet Choice for Moose
by: Mark

From my experience in shooting either the 308 or the 3006 there are a couple of bullet choices that I recommend.

Starting with the 308
The 308 caliber rifle likes the 150 - 165 grain bullets. You get superb accuracy ... read more

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