Runlock Saves Company Money

by Carl Kozak
(Hayward WI USA)

No Boy Scouts on my Crews

I do a lot of heavy field stone rock work on lake shorelines. We use rock chutes in eight foot sections and connect them together. Before Runlock ropes my crew had to tie all the chutes together with regular rope.
None were ever boy scouts and their knowledge of tie a rope knot was zero. I always got frustrated watching them trying to tie knots. Some would take more time to tie a knot than it took the manufacture to make the rope. If finally successful to get the knot to hold, 90% of the time the rope had to be cut to undo the rope from the rock chutes.
The cost of labor saved in tying and untying knots, knots actually holding and safety really was a substantial savings to my company.

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Great Testimonial Regarding Runlock Rope
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for your great testimonial. I had not envisioned using Runlock in an industrial application, but you have proven just how versatile the Runlock rope can be.

Cutting costs is an important aspect of running any business and I am thrilled to hear that by using Runlock you were able to save money.

I see you were able to teach your guys the Runlock principle of locking the rope so you did not need to use the "knife" again... nice!

What size of Runlock do you use? If more than one size have you found any that are more useful for your application than others? How about lengths too?

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