Sako Finlight 280 Remington

by William
(Kenora, Ont. Canada)

The Sako 280 Remington, when used with 160 gr TSX its hard to beat as long as I do my part.


You have to love those Sako rifles don't you. I agree a 160 grain bullet should do the job in getting a moose... if of course you, the shooter does his part.

I do not own a Finlight myself but I do own a Sako. I have the Model 75 in .270 caliber which I bought about 15 years ago.

I can tell you this about my Sako rifle... I love it!

When I ordered it, I wanted a Stainless version but I was not all that impressed with the synthetic stock of the day. I requested the distributor to switch out the synthetic stock for a wood one. I had to hope that the one they sent would be a nice stock and to my surprise it is a beauty.

So now I own, maybe the only one or one of only a few Sako Model 75 in Stainless Steel and a wood stock. Are you jealous?

At the range this rifle performs flawlessly. I do load all my own ammunition, and I know that always makes a difference over using factory, but let me say this...

This rifle shoots under 1/2 MOA with any bullet that I have ever tried.

There is a possibility that not all Sako rifles would be this accurate, but they would not be far off. I think I remember reading that Sako guarantees their rifles to be under 1 MOA.

Tika rifles, also made by Sako are a lower grade rifle but just as accurate. If you find that the Sako models (now model 85) are too pricy. Check out the Tika.


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