Salt Blocks for Attracting Moose

by Frank

Salt Blocks as a Moose Attractant

Salt Blocks as a Moose Attractant

Do you recommend using salt blocks?
If so, which block do moose prefer (white, orange, blue, red, brown or a combination)?
If using salt blocks, when should they be set out?
Any tips for setting up a salt lick at your site?

Salt blocks come in a variety of colors and each signifies a different ingredient set. Farmers have used salt block since about 1950 in order to make sure their cattle herds were getting the salt they need.

Salt Block Colors and what they hold

White: are pure salt
Yellow: salt blocks are this color because they contain sulfur
Red: are iron and iodine and are without minerals
Blue: cobalt and iodine
Brown: have trace minerals | cobalt, iodine, iron, zinc, copper, molybdenum and magnesium.
Black: contain everything the brown blocks do plus selenium.
Source: Utah State University

For moose my suggestion is to use a salt block variation that contain minerals. The brown one would be preferred (that's what I use).

There is ample information on the net regarding the use of salt blocks in raising deer and I would suggest the information is transferable.

~ Mark

Comments for Salt Blocks for Attracting Moose

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Were to put salt blocks
by: Anonymous

This year we are going to try salt blocks for Moose, will be putting them out in June.
Where I hunt deer we do the same thing, only we find a beach tree and hang it up in the tree in a old onion mesh bag, make sure that in is on the main trunk of the tree. When it rains salt will wash down the side of the tree trunk, soon the deer will smell it and come to the tree and start licking their little hearts out.
Just make sure you use a beach tree because the bark is smooth. Try it you will be surprised!

Is Baiting Legal?
by: Mark - The Moose Man

In some jurisdictions placing of salt blocks might be construed as baiting. It depends on the word of the law in your area. Make sure you know your own regulations.
In British Columbia it is not illegal to place salt blocks for ungulates.
You would also need to consider when the animals make use of mineral licks. For the most part ungulates are visiting salt and minerals during the spring and early summer. The locations which will be quite different from the fall.

Of course, if you are placing salt or bait for the purpose of taking pictures and or the salt or bait is gone at least two weeks before a lawful hunting season you would probably not have an issue.

by: Anonymous

Wouldn't that be considered 'baiting'?

If I'm not mistaken, baiting is illegal in a lot of places.

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