Same cuts as beef?

by Recoil Rob

Moose Cuts

Moose Cuts

I'd like to be ready when I need the processor. I want to have a diagram of how I want my moose cut up. Will I be OK using the same terminology as for cuts of beef?

I'd like to get some cuts like a standing rib roast with six bones on it, similar to a prime rib. Also the shanks cut out for osso bucco.

Will processor be able to do this? And can moose be frozen on the bone?

What about ribs for a barbecue? And brisket? Will these be palatable from a moose as from beef?

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Oct 03, 2016
How to process moose meat
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Recoil Rob, you are right on track with your idea as to follow a beef diagram.

Really the only difference will be in the cooking. Ribs and brisket and other tougher cuts will be best served by cooking with moist heat.

Remember that moose is the leanest of red meat... overcook and you'll have shoe leather.

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