Savage Model 99

by Dale
(Ontario, Canada)

Hard to beat as a good brush gun with 300 Savage 180 grain cartridges.

I get my moose to within 100 feet usually and also hunt where there are not many wide open areas where a long distance flat shooting rifle is required.

It's an older rifle but 5 rounds at the range and usually only 1 round for the hunt, it doesn't get a lot of rounds through it in a year.

Thanks Dale,

I love the Savage! When I was a youngster my father had the Savage Model 99F in .308 caliber.
The 99F model has the built in rotary clip.

For those who don't know this model, the Savage Model 99 is a lever action rifle that was brought into production in 1899 as the first hammer-less lever action rifle.

The rotary magazine allowed the rifle to carry ammunition that was pointed to allow for greater velocity and energy down range. Unlike any of the other types of lever action rifles which were equipped with tubular magazines.

These firearms required blunt nose ammunition as well as crimped cases to prevent the bullet from moving in the brass casing during firing.

I still have the original bill of sale for my Dad's old Savage. I wish we still had that old rifle, it brings back lots of memories!


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Savage 99C
by: Anonymous

Back in the '80s, I bought a few used Savage 99Cs, including two in 308 Win., which I later had rebarreled to respectively 338 Fed. and 358 Win., and I intend to use both on moose and elk with Barnes 225 gr. TSX FBs. Welcome any replies from moose hunters who've used these loads.

My only 99C which I've so far used for hunting is in 284 Win., and it was my mountain rifle when I lived in Germany.

Off the bench at a rifle range, with a medium-charge handload it put 140 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tips into 4 cm at 100 m with both a Williams FP-99 aperture sight and a Lisenfeld 3-9x42 scope on see-through mounts.

Although production ended two decades ago, it's still an excellent rifle for most types of hunting in North America and Europe.

Help ne choose my 99
by: Magsterpm

Hi, have 2 used 99's in 308 on my watch list...both same price :

1- 99E ( newer ) non scoped - but drilled and tapped with screws - Birch stock - lighter - very very clean

2- 99F walnut, a little rougher, has a scopechief ( old ) scope…

which one is the better buy and why? thx

Love my Savage
by: Anonymous

I own two Savage 99C's in .308 I like the removable magazine even if it only holds 4 rounds. It loads/unloads a lot faster and safer than the internal rotary magazine.

I shot my first bull moose with a 99C at 225 yards and hit it perfectly in the spine and dropped it in it's tracks.

I mounted a high-end Swarovski scope on it (with ballistic turret) and dropped a nice 6x6 whitetail buck at 495 yards with a single, double lung shot. I can shoot groupings at 100 yards with that rifle that you can cover with a quarter.

My hunting partner got me into the Savages. He uses a .300 Savage 99 and has all his life as did his father before him.

99 savage
by: mike

I use a savage 99a with internal mag for moose, this rifle is 60 yrs old, in good shape and very accurate, I took an 8 point bull moose at 292yds with this rifle. I wish they were still made, one of if not the best rifle's savage made.

For Me -The Best Moose Hunting Rifle Caliber is...
by: Marco

Here's my two cents comment regarding the Best Moose Hunting Rifle Caliber. I really like the Savage 308 Lever Action for Moose Hunting. I find it light and easy to handle, it offers good killing power at 200 yards and I really like hunting into the bush with this gun almost as if the bullet find its way to reach the target into the twigs...
It's an older rifle model but I wouldn't trade it for anything newer...Priceless!

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