Second Moose Rut

by Dave

Is there a second moose rut?

Is there a second moose rut?

I sent an email earlier about a problem downloading your book and with your email, it was fine, thank-you.

I have read parts of it today and have to thank you for some excellent info that you have passed on.

However, I am still looking for something that I haven't found yet.

Our group, who normally hunts WMU 15b in Northwestern Ontario around Oct10-20th, however we must postpone this year to October 27th thru Nov 5th.

We are looking for advice as to what to expect. Is there in fact, a "second rut" and if so, do you know when?

We would like to know if we should alter our areas to look for animals. And should we change calling?

We have all tags, bull, cow and calf.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated, as I have searched hi and low on the Internet and cannot find this info.

Thanks in advance,

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Hunting the Rut(s)
by: Mark - The Mooseman

I'm glad the email helped out, and thanks for the comments. I'll have to add this as another chapter in the next edition.

As to the question: is there a "Second Moose Rut". I will say no, then yes. Let me add some clarification.

The Rut is triggered by the season, IE: the amount of daylight. Bulls go into rut and cows go into estrous. Both of these phenomena are triggered the same and coincide more or less at the same time.

Most hunters refer to this timing as the Rut, but seem to forget the cow estrous timing as well.

So depending on the latitude of where you are hunting the rut will happen more-or-less the last week of September thru the first two weeks of October.

I did say yes to the second rut too.

What happens is cow moose that didn't get bred during the first rut or more correctly the first estrous period will then go into heat (or estrous) for a second time. Most cow moose a bred during the first period but not all take and of course there will always be some that don't connect with a bull.

This timing will be later and weaker (less prominent) than the first. Maybe by several weeks.

Can a bull be called during this "second rut"? Maybe. If they are still around. Usually after the main breeding they head back to their solitude lifestyle.

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