Semi-auto Rifles For Moose Hunting

by Ken

Anyone who says that semi-autos are not good big game rifles have either not shot, owned one or are just plain bias. I have hunted with an old Winchester Model 100 .308 for years and have never missed and have taken many moose & deer with it. In fact I am just on the verge of purchasing a new Browning BAR to add to my 'hunting toolkit'.

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It's not the gun that brings that animal down, it's the skill of the hunter! A well placed ethical shot with any rifle is the key.

Thanks for your comments Ken.

While I do appreciate 'your opinion' regarding semi-auto rifles and I agree that it is a well placed shot that makes the difference at the end of the day.

My comment "stay away from semiautomatic rifles, they just do not have the accuracy potential of the always reliable bolt action rifle." means exactly what it says. Bolt action rifles have the potential to be more accurate and will seldom if ever have the malfunction problems of the semi-auto.

I stand by my recommendation to only use bolt action rifles for moose hunting where accuracy and reliability are important to the hunter.

Obviously semi-auto rifles for moose hunting or shooting in general have a place and there is a market for them...

By design the chamber of a semi-auto rifle must be slightly larger than that of a bolt action rifle, this is to ensure a round feeding smoothly into the chamber. A chambered cartridge that lies loose in the chamber cannot be accurate. This is just a fundamental flaw of the design.

I admit I am a stickler when it comes to accuracy and a semi-auto rifle will not meet my expectations... maybe I am biased and that is my opinion!

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