Shared Group Moose Hunt LEH

by Travis
(Maple ridge B.C. )

Limited Entry Hunting Synopsis

Limited Entry Hunting Synopsis

Just wondering, if our group consists of 4 moose hunters for our LEH of 2 bulls, do we all have to be present to take a moose or can we split up in groups of 2 in our MU?


Hi Travis,

Great question!

To answer the first part of your question, no you don't all have to be present for your shared group moose hunt during the limited entry hunt (see bold area from Synopsis).

Example: If one or two of your party suddenly could not go hunting the others may still go out and shoot two moose.

It is perfectly legal for you to split into two groups, and that is really good advice. The more eyes in the bush the better.
Just make sure that if the groups are separated, only one moose per group should be harvested, that way there is no way for you to exceed your bag limit.

Bad outcome example: Hunters A&B hunt in Wolf Valley and hunters C&D hunt Mount Fisher.

Hunters A&B each shoot a moose but at the same time so does hunter D. You would have three moose down, one more than you are allotted.

Good Example:Hunters A&B hunt in Jane Flats and hunters C&D hunt Otter River.

Hunter B shoots a moose but at the same time so does hunter C. You would have two moose down. Pulling the trigger was easy... now the work begins! ;-)

I believe now all group LEH licences (You must carry it on your person while hunting) must be filled in as soon as one hunter from the group harvests a moose.


Quoted from the LEH Synopsis
Shared Group Moose Hunt LEH

When applying for a shared Moose or Bison hunt, each member is entered in the draw individually, meaning your group has up to 4 chances to win. Groups of two will be allowed to take one Moose or Bison only, and a group of three or four will be allowed to take two Moose or Bison only. No group member may take more than one Moose or Bison and must cease hunting in the LEH shared hunt when he or she has harvested a Moose or a Bison, as the annual Moose or Bison bag limit for a hunter is one.

All members of the group must have a valid species licence and any group member may take a Moose or Bison until the shared limit has been reached.

Communication is necessary within the group while hunting in order to avoid exceeding the group limit. The Harvest Details section of each group member’s authorization must be filled out immediately following a kill. If a member of a group cannot participate, the others may still hunt and the non-participating member(s) may join the hunt later if the group quota has not been reached, but must first update the Harvest Details section of their LEH shared hunt authorization appropriately.


I hope this helps, good luck with your hunt.
~ Mark

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Shared group moose hunt leh
by: Travis

That sums it up to a t. Thank you.

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