Short Moose Hunting Trip This Year

by Mark

This years moose head skinned out

This years moose head skinned out

We left here on the 16th of September and arrived in camp later in the day in time to get all set up. We opted to just get comfortable the first day, so no hunting. Just the usual chores, firewood a few beers etc.

The next morning we headed out scouting (7:00AM). There has been extensive logging in the area since I was last there so I wanted to check it all out so I could formulate a game plan. Keep in mind this was our first day of hunting and we have only got one moose tag (my dad and I have a share draw). Well we drove about 10km from camp and found the road was closed for vehicle use beyond (caribou protection) so we turned around and headed back in order to check out some other areas.

We didn't drive 2 km when I spotted a calf moose down in the timber below us, so we stopped and were glassing around a bit. My buddy spots some movement behind the calf and out walks a really nice cow moose. We watch as they wander off and out of sight.
As I ease up the road another 50 meters or so, my buddy again says "stop and backup a bit, there was something big and black there." Being an obliging fellow, I do that (even though I didn't notice anything)... I bet I didn't back up 20 meters and I say "There's a moose". It's just one of those things where even though I couldn't see much, I knew it was a moose.

One quick check with binos and I confirmed it was a bull (I couldn't see paddles, but I saw antler bases). Where we were hunting it was open for any bull, and really all we want is meat. I tell my dad who's sitting in the backseat to get out and shoot the moose.

My gun was still in its case back at camp!

"No, you shoot!" He says as he thrusts his 30-06 and three bullets over the seat in my direction.

Not being one to be asked twice, I was out the door in an instant, dropped in a shell, lined up and let fly (8:02AM). It was only then as the bull was knocked off balance that I got to see his antlers as they became visible between the trees as he fell over backwards. He never moved again.

That's it! We had a 15 day hunting trip and it was over in just over an hour! We ended up staying for a week, did some more scouting and got a few more pictures before we headed back home.

Now it's deer season and I'm heading out after some Whitetailed deer.

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Pretty Easy
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Let me see...

Moose down and hanging,

Beer in cooler,

I bet that beer didn't stay there very long? lol

Congratulations to your buddy!

Our Short Moose Hunt
by: Robbie

Some times it just goes that way. We did our two week trip and I passed on three bull moose. Wife said we do not need the meat. We have moose,caribou, and 1 1/2 musk ox in the freezer. So we did a lot of scouting for next year.

I did go out the next weekend with two fellows. One had never been moose hunting before.

We were out on the Saturday morning and got into some very rough country which was no fun on our ATV's. One of the fellows was a passenger on my ATV. So we headed back to camp.

I decided to stay back and call at a small lake. The other fellow went back to camp. He was at his truck and looks down the trail and here comes a bull moose. He leaned against his truck and let the bull come. 25 yards from the truck was close enough. One shot with the 7mm mag and that was it. We had 5 1/2 hrs until dark to skin and gut the moose. Sunday morning we cut it in 6 pieces, into bags and it was hanging in my back garage by 530. Pretty easy. Right beside the beer cooler...
The moose is a 44 inch meat bull.


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