Shot a calf moose now the cow won't leave

by First Time Calf Hunter

Cow and Calf Moose are... Inseparable!

Cow and Calf Moose are... Inseparable!

Hello, I've searched everything I can find on how to get a cow moose to leave the dead calf but the only thing I've really found is that they usually leave after a bit or when they know you're there.

This cow is not scared at all she watches us as we approach and charges if we get within 10 ft of the calf. We shot off warning shots when she was about 20 ft away from her calf and she turned around and ran back to it. We waited over night hoping she'd leave but it's now early morning and shes still there.

This whole situation has pretty much turned me from calf hunting but I would still like to be able to get it and use the meat. At this point the only thing I can thing is that perhaps conservation could come and tranquilize her so we could get it out but I'm worried they won't get here in a timely enough matter to save the meat. Thank you

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Cow Moose Protecting Her Calf
by: Mark - The Mooseman

You have just come across one of natures most natural things. Motherly love and protection.

Your cow in question will eventually give up her calf, but it will be in her time. She is only doing what comes natural.

As you have noted, your cow is vigorously protecting her calf, please use caution if she is still around. A cow moose separated from her cow can be very dangerous.

I've never shot a calf myself, but I have heard of cows defending their dead calves from bears and wolves. To her, you are just another predator. She will eventually realize her calf is not going to follow and will leave.

I don't think that conservation will help you out. Sorry about that.

Your only choice is to persevere.

by: carl

I never tried this but try and draw her away if it is the breeding season; sounding like a bull or even try some soft lost calf calls.

Moose Cow and Calf
by: Becca

I have a second home in the Rocky Mountains. When I arrived yesterday there was a cow laying on the ground in the backyard. Not unusual but she stayed there for hours then got up to eat aspen bark then wandered off to graze. Something seemed off so I went to look and sure and off there was her dead baby near where she had lain. She didn't come back till late last night and by that time the foxes and birds had been scavenging. This morning the carcass is gone but the Mama is lying in the same area. Powerful bond... Hope the hunters stop killing baby animals. I come from a long line of hunters. I completely agree with all the reasons for hunting. But to cause so much unnecessary distress to an animal is cruel and unnecessary - next time take them both!

Poor Momma
by: AnDebbieonymous

How could you shoot a calf that's still with its mother..That's barbaric..shame on you....Right now here in Alaska a couple of moose calves have died from eating something poisonous and the mother will not leave it..Fish and Game have been called and they can't get it to leave either..So good luck with harvesting that baby that you killed in front of its mother....what a waste

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